Asphalt Repair & Replacement

 Asphalt repair is another area Driveway Envy can be of service to you. Whether you need crack sealing, patching, asphalt overlay, or a totally new driveway--we can complete any asphalt repair that you may need. For areas with more damage than just cracking, asphalt patching is an ideal solution. Asphalt patching is a process in which the damaged area is cut out and disposed of and new asphalt takes its place.

What can be done to fix my sunken apron by the garage?

  1. Measure: 2-3 feet out from the garage 
  2. Precision Cutting: Asphalt saws cut along pre-measured line.
  3. Remove Old Asphalt: Remove damaged and sunken area next to garage.
  4. Fill Foundation Holes: Any holes are filled & compacted with new gravel.
  5. New Base Gravel: New base gravel is added to remaining cut-out section and then compacted.
  6. New Asphalt: Hot asphalt mix applied to cut-out section and leveled to original height of garage slab.
  7. Compaction: Plate compactors and asphalt rollers are used to compact new asphalt, creating a manicured and professional finish.
  8. Cleaning: Entire area is thoroughly cleaned of debris.
  9. Banner: Area is bannered off for 24-36 hours.