Tar Party!
to Oct 31

Tar Party!


Anyone that has a blacktop driveway and lives in a neighborhood or community that has other blacktop driveways. 


You organize a day for Driveway Envy to come to your neighborhood. We will sealcoat you and your neighbors driveways --We make it a "party" because you save money.

Coordinate with your Facebook groups or neighborhood / community email list serve. Tell us how many people want quotes or their driveways sealcoated, and we'll give you all a discounted price. If you're the lucky one that coordinated it all, and you get at least 5 other people in the same neighborhood to get their driveways done as well--you get yours 50% off. Get 10 other people in your neighborhood / community and your driveway is FREE!


All summer long--weather permitting.  You let us know the date that works for your neighborhood / community and we will put it on our calendars. 


Your neighborhood / community 


Because your driveway probably needs to be done anyway (most peoples do).  Make your driveway last longer, improve your curb appeal, and spruce up the neighborhood. Not sold yet, YOU GET A BETTER DEAL WITH THE TAR PARTY!!! Who doesn't like to save money when you do home improvement? 

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